A vacation paradise in the south of South Tyrol

The wine village of Auer / Ora offers plenty of opportunities to spend an interesting, varied vacation in South Tyrol. The village is located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea-level. Due to the mild climate, apples, figs, persimmons, chestnuts, walnuts, and grapes thrive in this region. Nearby Lake Kaltern / Lago di Caldaro is a great place to go for a refreshing dip, to go wind-surfing, or sailing. And how about a shopping spree in Neumarkt / Egna, with its interesting atmosphere and picturesque arbors? Or you might want to hike through the magnificent Dolomites of South Tyrol, declared a World Heritage Nature Site by UNESCO. The village’s central location allows you to quickly explore the many nearby sights without having to travel long distances. Discover the provincial capital of Bozen / Bolzano on the Talfer / Talvera River, the fabulous Dolomites, the spa town of Meran / Merano Bozen, Lake Kaltern / Lago di Caldaro, and the two Montiggl / Monticolo lakes, or the geologically unique Bletterbach Gorge (recognized by UNESCO as a World Nature Heritage Site).

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